Community Guidelines
Dated: May 2021


Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure our community stays protected. They set out what’s allowed and not allowed on Medspoke, and apply to all types of content on our platform, including audio, pictures, links, and profile details.

Unacceptable Content

Sensitive Content

Content contrary to child safety, about suicide or self injury, or graphic sexual content are not acceptable on Medspoke.

Violent or Dangerous Content

Medspoke will not tolerate harassment or cyberbullying, content that is harmful or dangerous to individuals or to the Medspoke community, hate speech, violent criminal organizations, or violent or graphic content.

Spam & deceptive practices

This includes fake engagement, impersonation, links in TALK to unacceptable or inappropriate content, spam, deceptive practices, and scams.

Enforcing Policy

If content violates our Community Guidelines, we remove the content and send a notice to the Creator. The first time a Creator violates our Community Guidelines, they receive a warning with no penalty to the channel. After one warning, we’ll issue a Community Guidelines strike to the channel and the account will have temporary restrictions including not being allowed to TALK for one week. Channels that receive three strikes within a 90-day period will be terminated. Channels that are dedicated to violating our policies or that have a single case of severe abuse of the platform, will bypass our strikes system and be terminated. All strikes and terminations can be appealed if the Creator believes there was an error, and our teams will re-review the decision.