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Bogomolets National Medical University
CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information First Name: Dmytro Last Name: Ivanov Professional Title/Position: Head of Nephrology Dep Highest Degree: MD, PhD, Prof Affiliation: Department/Division: Nephrology and ET University/Institute: Bogomolet’s National Medical University City: Kyiv Country: Ukraine Educational Qualifications: 1987-1989 - Residency (postgraduate course). Nuclear and X-ray Diagnostic Department (renal branch) of Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine. MD: 1981-1987 - Bogomolets National Medical University Professional Experience: 2022-2024- invited participant to ERA Renal Disaster Relief Task Force, from 2022 – expert UEMS in nephrology and pediatric nephrology Since 2001- annual CME courses 2014-2015 - Level II Nephropathology Master (State University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy) 2011 - 2022 Chief of Nephrology and Renal Replacement Therapy Department of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Head of Kyiv Pediatric Nephrology Center. Since 2011 - State Chief Nephrologist in Ukraine. 2004-2017 - State Chief Pediatric Nephrologist in Ukraine. Since 2001 - Professor in Nephrology Academic Achievements / Publications: Articles: over 550 in national language. Books: 25. National Patents: 15. Research interests and practice: Kidney Relief in Disasters, hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, ischemic chronic kidney disease, pediatric nephrology, lupus nephritis, renal replacement therapy. Since 2020 - President of Ukrainian Association of Nephrologists Since 2017 - President of Ukrainian Association of Pediatric Nephrologists Since 2016 - ESPN/IPNA member Since 2013 - ISN member. 2003-2007 - Vice-President Ukrainian Nephrology Association Since 1999 - Ukrainian Nephrology Association member. Since 1997 - ERA-EDTA Full Member (N 4507), Fellow of the ISN (2024). Online Presence: • ResearchGate • Publons • ORCID 0000-0003-2609-0051 • h-index Scopus 8, Web of science - 7 • h-index Google Scholar 19 • Skype: ivanovdd1 • WhatsApp: +380504448788 • Mobile App: yourGFR • you tube *
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