Arthritis and Pain Associates of Prince George’s County, Maryland; Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD
Specializes in lupus and Sjögren’s patients. Author, “The Lupus Encyclopedia” (Johns Hopkins Press) Chair Emeritus Medical & Scientific Advisory Council, Lupus Foundation of America, MidAtlantic Chair National Board Sjögren’s Foundation
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Air Time: 28:23:03
Lupus Fatigue +bad tools like SLEDAI
May 26
Practical advice: ID & TX Long-COVID
May 25
Possible RMD certification in ACR/ARP
May 25
Recommend egg freezing to SLE pts
May 22
Hydroxychloroquine levels = SOC!
May 21
Free CME: Sjogrens major organ tx
May 17
Tragic loss of Dr. Richard Brasington
May 16
Exercise SLE Fatigue & mitochondrial fxn
May 15